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The award ceremony of the twelfth edition of the “Premio H d’oro” which was held at the Egyptian museum in Turin on Monday 28th November this year gave out 9 “Premi H d’oro” awards and other 11 special awards.

Among the 200 nominated projects in this exclusive competition, which was organised by The Enzo Hruby Foundation in order to recognise the work of the best security systems, the Jury admitted 63 candidates to the final ceremony who all received a plaque.

Enzo Hruby was President on the panel of judges, which was made up of Gianni Andrei, President of A.I.PS. ( The Italian Association of Professionals in the Security field), Stefano Bellintani, Professor at Milan’s Poli-technic University- Best Department, Federica Rossi Gasparrini, President of the National Family Planning Association- Housewive’s guild and Armando Torni, a journalist for Sole 24 ore.

Here are the winners divided by category.

In the Ecclesiastic Cultural Heritage category the Company “Locked” from Naples won for the intrusion detection, surveillance, access control and fire detection alarms installed on Pio Monte della Misericordia.

The highest recognition in the “Cultural Heritage in Museums” category went to “Dome Security Technologies” from Udine for a surveillance video analysis and intrusion detection project on two works of art featured outside the walls of the “Fondazione Palazzo Grassi- Punta della Dogana” in Venice.

In the “Infrastructure and Services” category the 2017 award went to the “Life 3 Company” of Verona for a project within a Food warehouse in Tavazzano (LO) which combines security and safety measures. The award also went to the “Surveye“ company in Brescia for a protection system using  thermic cameras featuring perimetrical video analysis and optical context cameras, commissioned by Erantec srl- South of Italy.

The company of Enrico De Bernardi of Valduggia (VC) won in the category “Commerce and Industry” for an automised device which presents a burglar alarm and video control operated system. The commissioner was Bruno Guidi srl from Gragnasco (NO)

In the Residential Category the Company Allarm Sud triumphed with a project for a private property in the province of Andria. 

In the category for Special solutions the company Elettro Technology from Suzzara (MN) won  the 2017 award for an anti-intrusion device in a farming warehouse in Guastalla (RE).

The Electric Service of Milan triumphed in the International Award category with an anti-intrusion project, entry control, domestics and surveillance system for a prestigious private property in Lugano Switzerland. The Premio H door award 2017 for the Urban Video Surveillance category went to Enet Solutions from Gallarate (VA) for a surveillance system set up in Somma Lombardo (Va). The Special Prize for the “Custom Made” security system went to Centro Sicurezza from Ivrea for a device which was installed in a private home in the province of Turin.

The Jury also gave out 9 special prizes:

The Integrated Museum Special prize to Caleffi- Gruppo Security for a complex alarm system in the MUVI Museum in Viadana (MN) . A new award called “Safety at high speed” was given to the BF Electric company for a surveillance camera project at the Gokart drome7 Laghi Kart centre of Castelletto di Brancuzzo (PV) while the company “Teleimpianti” won the special prize for “Smart Housing Estate” at the CEUR Foundation  (European Centre of Research) in Rome. “Safety and Design” was the special prize awarded to Lum Implant for an anti-intrusion system at a winery in the Verona area while the “Safe stores safe city” was the special prize won by Paletta Luigi’s company for the surveillance system named “Se scappi ti vedo” (If you run i’ll see you) commissioned by some shop owners in Alessandria. The “Safe housing estate” special prize went to Televise Elettronica for a surveillance system in a housing estate in Milan. Tech won the Special Prize for “Integrated Security” thanks to a domotics system set up in the communal gardens in Como. The last two special prizes were for “Art in Movement” won by Solution Tre for a surveillance system placed on a vehicle used for the transport of works of Art and theSafety and Valorisation”award won by T and B Computers for a webcam portal in Valsesia (VC).

During the event numerous plaques were handed out to the Friends and Supporters of the Enzo Hruby Foundation and the Egyptian Museum received an HonoraryPrize.


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