With the development of new technologies and the “do it yourself” attitude, that is so common today, the certification of one’s competences represents an important element of distinction and value in today’s modern market. Said certification entails the development of qualification schemes designed together with the team work of the stakeholders in the field of interest- technicians, standard experts, associations and companies- in order to guarantee the best assessment of knowledge and competence and abilities under evaluation.

This has been and is the spirit of the certification scheme for the “Expert in alarm systems, intrusion and burglary” certification designed by TUV Italia, a certification which favours the development of new competences in a field, which is resilient to the economic crisis but highly inflated.

Among the first security system installers which comply to the scheme put into place by TUV Italia, there are eight AIPS associates (Italian Association of Security).

The contribution of the Media Opinion Leader for the Security Sector AIPS Italy has also been extremely important in this process, its editor, as a matter of fact, founded a Corporate spin off (Ethos Academy) dedicated entirely to the high quality professional training recognised by TUV Italia.

The certified technicians were tested through a documented evaluation  and a final exam, which featured two written tests and an oral interview, assessed by a third party examiner to guarantee impartiality.

“Our Association has alway promoted technical and professional training courses, for his reason we accepted TUV Italia’s initiative with great interest, in order to make our security installers and Experts certified.

The members of A.I.P.S. who sat the exam were positively impressed; the experience was challenging, but very gratifying, because each participant’ s technical competence was recognised, after a period of training and hard work.” TUV Italia has elaborated a rigorous and highly professional certification scheme, which highly reflects the real competences of an Expert in Security Systems and of an Installer and Maintenance technician” declared Tommaso Scaringella- President of A.I.P.S.

“Knowledge is essential today, training and qualifications are required in order to compete on the market and make a difference. Obtaining a certification and a title is essential to improve one’s performance and make an impact in a world where improvisation is often the reality and the market is damaged by fake experts” declares Andrea Sandralini, the manager of the Ethos Academy.

“In the last five years qualified professionals have made an impact and gained recognition on the market as they have been considered a precious asset in this business. The certifications obtained by the staff are based on an objective- evaluation of knowledge, competences and abilities in compliance to a specific method of evaluation which defines the minimum standards requested. For TUV Italia the choice of suitable stakeholders and examiners who will have to test the candidates in an objective and impartial way are the key elements for a high quality certification” declared Maria Fernandez TUV Italia Business Unit Manager.

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