PRESIDENZA A.I.P.S tommaso scaringella

An interview with Tommaso Scaringella, AIPS President ( Professional Security System Installers Association.)

A new presidency which will bring forward the battle for “ The qualifications for the professional security installer” as disposed by Attachment K of the CEI 79-3 Regulation and the Tuv Italia certification. But we also have some innovations lined up and the primary goal is to serve our private or public customers with the best services and mastery in the field.

This is President’s Tommasi Scaringella’s aim and prerogative for the AIPS. 

Let’s get to know the new President of AIPS: age, current position, work experience in the field, hobbies and interests.

“Tommaso Scaringella, 59 years old, I started off as a technician in 1975, from 2010 I have been the sole manager of my own company Allarm Sud srl in Andria (BT) and joint manager from 1980. A member of AIPS since 2004 I was elected as a Consultant in 2011 and Vice President in 2014. My hobbies are sailing and football and i am interested in farming.

In your opinion how has the market for security systems changed in the last years and which challenges are you faced with?

“The market has evolved greatly especially in regards to IP surveillance. A new important factor in the market has been the bird of the CLOUD in matters of both, anti-intrusion and surveillance. Therefore the whole area of security will continue to evolve.

What are the aims of your mandate? Do you intend to continue  following the same path or make innovative choices?

My first prerogative is to make known the hard work and experience of the AIPS members. The association’s policy will continue to follow the path of the former management, bringing forward the battle for “The qualifications for the professional security installer” as disposed by Attachment K of the Cei Regulation 79-3 and the TUV Italia certificate.

For the future innovation is on the horizon, but we will make our projects public when the CD has approved them.

Which are in your opinion, the most difficult challenges to overcome and targets to meet, both in the Regulation department and with regards to the market? And how do you intend to tackle them?

In the Regulation department we have already achieved a lot; I think we need to work further on privacy in matters of surveillance, in compliance to European Regulations. On the market front we need to spread the word on the subject of Mastery and Professionalism in the field of security systems in the private field of business and in Public Administration.

If you had to sum up your next mandate in a few words, what would you say?

 Association means a union of strength and ideas. Together we can accomplish anything.

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