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What is the vision that a company like Allarm Sud has of the market?

 From our point of view the new cutting edge technologies enable us to make a difference in the market. With the most advanced technologies, we can give our customers the best technical support. This can only be possible with professionally and technical mastery. We must also note that the modern technicians are more flexible, faster and extremely capable  in the applicaton of innovative technologies. Together with years of practical experience and company know-how.

You have also been a witness to advanced technologies, having won the H d’oro award numerous times.

Absolutely. We are always committed to the most innovative products in order to offer the most cutting edge services. Not all companies can say this; only the ones that are truly professional are able to scout new products.

Which means do you find the most appropriate to reach customers?

 We are able to get very close to  our customers thanks to communication on media platforms. This is essential in today’s world. Through specialised journals, advertisements, product presentations, etc we have managed to make ourselves known on the market. I am also a member of A.I.P.S and this is also a way to guarantee the best service available.

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