INTERVIEW-OVER IP in the South, putting a stop to inadequate infrastructures

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From your qualified point of view as an important operator in the security field in Southern and Central Italy, how is the market reacting to the innovations proposed and in particular to the IP solutions?

The IP solutions in the Central Southern Market in Italy are having a great success, both in surveillance and in anti-intrusion, as almost everyone today is in possession of a smart phone or tablet device. IP solutions are the ones that are mostly requested by the young public.We could definitely do more but the economic situation often slows down the process.

What are the major obstacles for the diffusion of the web systems from users and carriers?

The major obstacles to the requests for IP solutions are set by the Web data providers and this penalises us as they are not able to provide the requested broad band connections. This situation is very serious for business and for the quality of the services that we intend to offer because it does not permit the installation of systems with IP solutions.

Which actions could be undertaken to change this situation?

To change this situation we have been trying to involve more and more installers on a national level by organising conference, meetings, trade fairs, etc..

I think that we will be able to solve and fight this situation in a faster and more efficient way the more closer and compact we get as possible. The media involved in our sector should also show more interest. As vice-president of A.I.P.S.I would also like other associations to spread information on this matter so that we can all fight together.

What are Allarm Sud’s plans for the future?

Discussing our plans for the future is not easy right now. Our Company is investing on both technical and commercial training  courses and also on marketing.Eventhough we are currently living in a difficult time we are not letting our guide down in guaranteeing our former and future customers the qaulity and of our services and products. Allarm Sud tries to keep on track of all the trends and stays current to the cutting edge technologies.

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